About the company

Guarantees are relating to material or technical defects occurred at the manufacture of devices.

  • Guarantees are not relating to defects caused by improper operation, unprofessional or inadequate handling (especially damage to plastic parts of products, scratching of displays occurred due to improper cleaning, damage caused by impacts...), use, and installation being at variance with the user handbook or damage caused by electrostatic discharge.
  • Furthermore, guarantees are not relating to defects occurred by using improper or faulty software or potential damages occurred due to that.
  • Seller’s guarantees are not relating to potential losses of or damages to or misuse of data saved on recording media of products. Prior to handing a product over for repair, Buyer shall produce an adequate backup of the data required and prevent them from being potentially misused.
  • Seller does not grant full compatibility of extension components bought at another place than at the seller of this product provided that such component was not approved by Seller.
  • Guarantees are not relating to damages occurred due to natural disasters, violent damage, climatic impacts or operation in extremely unusual conditions.
  • Guarantees cease to exist in the case that a person who was not explicitly authorized by Seller to do so, makes such unauthorized intervention in a product.
  • Guarantees also cease to exist provided that Buyer grossly breaches product operation and use principles described in the user handbook regardless of warnings.
  • As for notebooks, guarantees are not relating to their batteries.


Warranty Terms and Conditions

Warranty Terms and Conditions have been issued in compliance with the provisions:

of Act No. 40/1964 Coll. Civil Code as amended 
of Act No. 634/1992 Coll. on Protection of Consumers as amended 

        • Buyer shall inspect the goods delivered by Seller as soon as possible after the delivery. Buyer shall perform the inspection so as to detect all defects that could be detected at the adequate technical inspection.
        • Buyer shall report all defects detected alike to Seller immediately. Defects appeared later shall be reported by Buyer to Seller immediately after the moment, at which they could be detected by taking reasonable professional care.
        • Buyer shall apply claims in writing or by phone or in person in the Seller’s registered seat. It is always required to report the type of the defective product and then to describe character of the defect to as much detail as possible and to specify a contact person (name, phone No.) for consulting potential details.
        • When claiming a product, Buyer shall document the purchase and eligibility of such claim by the receipt of purchase (invoice or receipt cash voucher or delivery note). If Buyer fails to submit any of the aforementioned documents, the repair will be considered a post warranty one.
        • If Buyer reports a defect that is not covered by the guarantee (e.g. terms of guarantee have not been met, the defect was reported by a mistake, after expiration of the guarantee, etc.), Seller may ask Buyer for reimbursing costs occurred in relation to the removal of the defect reported by the client to their full extent. In such case, the calculation of the servicing action will be charged in accordance with the current applicable prices of the servicing centre in the place of the claim application.

Claiming Procedure

1. Claim caused by a mistake of MB TECH BB s.r.o. as a supplier:
            • if the client receives goods that are inoperable from the very beginning (e.g. due to improper packaging, improper handling at the distribution...), 
            • receives goods to be sent to someone else,
            • the client’s goods get broken within one week without the client's fault,

the claim will be settled as soon as possible at the expense of our company.

2. Standard claim:

After detecting any defect of the goods, the client report it as soon as possible and then makes an agreement with an employee of the trade department a suitable solution.

We will remove the goods subject to the claim through our free distributors or, if the claim is to be settled expressly, you can send the defective goods via mail at your own expense; the goods will then be forwarded to the servicing centre of our company upon the completed protocol of claim for checking the subject and eligibility of the claim and managing removal of the detected defects or faults:

  • if an eligible claim is concerned here, the servicing centre will settle it within 30 calendar days working days from the date of delivery of the goods subject to the claim at latest. If the issue cannot be resolved, the client will be informed of the status of his/her claim within 3 days at latest; such claim will then be resolved individually upon a mutual agreement. If the claim is settled earlier than in 30 days, the client will be informed thereof and he/she will be allowed to pick up the goods in person or the goods will be delivered to him/her using the free Seller’s distribution at a given date (you can find the information regarding the respective date for your town at your vendor) at the expense of the company.
  • if the claim is not eligible, the client will be informed of the standpoint of our company’s servicing centre; defects of the goods will be removed upon a mutual agreement for a charge according to the current price list of the company and invoiced as servicing.

Most Frequent Issues at Claim Application

  1. Incomplete defect description. The most frequent text written by clients under the defect description is “it does not work”. If a technician starts to test the mother board with this defect description and the board starts to work, the claim will be considered non-eligible. So, please, type a detailed description of the defect such as: “once turned on, the monitor shows only shades of red and a black blemish with the width of circa 5 cm is in the upper right corner.”
  2. Damaged protective sticks. Avoid removing any stickers (from processors, memories, etc.) arbitrarily, otherwise you will have no right for guarantee anymore.
  3. Improperly set switches or incorrect installation. A client fails to read the guidelines and installs a product improperly. Please, read the guidelines and read me files, it saves you a lot of time and money.
  4. Wrong BIOS version. Many errors occur due to the installation of BIOS that is not designed for the given type of the mother board. If you have any doubt regarding the BIOS version, it would be better to consult our technician prior to your upgrade.
  5. Claiming parameters that are not granted by the manufacturer. Sometimes, clients expect their products having some features that are not granted by the manufacturer. Please, consult parameters of the goods with our sales managers prior to their purchase or let them to show you the product.
  6. Claiming parameters that seem like an error at the first sight, but that are an inherent part of the goods. For example, when you take a closer look at a monitor with a trinitron or fd trinitron screen, you can see two gentle strips; however, it does not mean that the screen is damaged, they are used for synchronizing purposes only.
  7. Burnt pixels at LCD monitors – in accordance with ISO 13406, up to 5 burn pixel per 1 million pixels are acceptable at LCD monitors. Therefore, claims of this type cannot be accepted. In accordance with the ISO standard, the table contains maximum defective pixels pre one million of good pixels ratio:
            • 2 pixels (type 1), i.e. shining permanently white
            • 2 pixels (type 2), i.e. permanently black
            • 5 pixels (type 3), i.e. all defects other than the types 1 and 2 such as shining permanently red, blue, etc.

Example: there is 0.786432 million pixels on the display of a 15" LCD monitor – acceptable is 5 per 1 million – so 5*0.78 = 3.9 of defective pixels per monitor.