About the company

What Are Remarketed Products

Products re-launched to the market are concerned here. Such IT technology comes, for example, from exhibitions, factory or warehouse excesses or it was borrowed as a substitute product during repairs and so on. They are often almost absolutely new – first-quality PCs and notebooks with high performances indistinguishable from IT technology that was not yet used. Since they were used once, they could be bought for unbeatable prices.

Remarketed Products Made by HP, Lenovo, and ASUS

Companies such as Hewlett-Packard or Lenovo or ASUS provide their own remarketed products within their renew or resale programmes. They offer a whole range of renewed PCs and notebooks for attractive prices. More than 80% of such products are not older than 12 months and originally they were designed for West-European markets only. They may be imported in Slovakia by authorized vendors only; our company MB TECH belongs among them.

Benefits for You:

  • Original quality and reliability
  • Wide range
  • Both the newest and older ones available
  • Guarantee and support from prime brands such as HP, Lenovo, and ASUS
  • Perfect performance-price ratio
  • Performance equal to that of the notebooks sold as new ones