About the company

Top high-end products such as computers or notebooks purchased from foreign companies are classified as refurbished. At our place, they pass challenging tests and thorough renovation and are sold with a new guarantee for at least 24 months.

After their arrival in our place, we start with in-depth stress tests. Tested goods are then sent for cleaning and polishing. As for notebooks, the next step is to change their keyboards for Slovak ones. We also test durability of batteries and classify them. If capacity of a battery is not sufficient, it will be replaced for a new one. We communicate in detail and truthfully the condition of each piece of renovated technology using the PREMIUM, STANDARD, ECONOMY and LIQUIDATION classes.

Finally, the end products are packed in stylish packaging made of recyclable materials. Their prices are of 40 to 60% lower than original prices of such products.

Benefits for You

  • Perfect performance-price ratio
  • Environment-friendly approach
  • Guarantee for at least 24 months, and
  • Professional advisory and other extra services