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This symbol on a product or its packaging indicates that the given product shall not be disposed of together with the municipal waste.    It is the duty of a consumer to hand over the discarded device in a collection point designed for recycling of discarded electrical and electronic devices. Separated collection and recycling of discarded devices contribute to the protection of natural resources and provide for that recycling is performed so as to protect human health and the environment. You can find the information on collection points for recycling of discarded devices at the local government or at the company providing transportation of municipal waste or at the store, the product was bought in.

Certificate of MB TECH BB s.r.o. on the registration within the Recycling Fund Bratislava.

NaturPack System

The NATURPACK system is one of the most perfect systems in the field of collection, recovery, and recycling of packaging waste characteristic with high transparency; the system is open for all involved persons including the obliged ones in the process of collection, recovery, and recycling. The NATURPACK system is a functional system granting that all participating parties will meet their legal obligations under very favourable financial conditions.

As the expression of their belief in functionality and transparency of the system, relevant recycling and collection companies in Slovakia have adopted a common declaration regarding a close cooperation at the development of the NATURPACK system.