About the company

Companies such as HP or Lenovo or ASUS have started their ReNew programmes in order to support sale of the products that would otherwise be unsaleable within their lifetimes. Products included in such programmes are offered through ReNew partners to the clients who consider purchase prices of products important. Our company MB TECH BB s. r. o. offers complete services and advisory relating to ReNew products of the aforementioned brands.

Origin of ReNew products

Products included in ReNew programmes come mainly from unsold inventories from warehouses of HP, Lenovo, and ASUS or from large distributors or, for a short time, they were used by those companies for presentation purposes within presentation centres. ReNew products may contain cosmetic surface defects.

ReManufacturing Process 

Every product coming from ReNew programmes has quality granted by companies HP, Lenovo, and ASUS and is marked by the text “Remanufactured by HP/Lenovo/ASUS”. At the ReManufacturing process, each product passes thorough hardware testing and reinstallation of its operation system and a check or completion of its accessories and is re-packed in the original ReNew box.

Renew Technical Reconstruction

Please, read step by step the path of Renew through the process reconstruction and find out how it is ensured that all renewed products are just the same as new ones.

The Course of Product Inspection

  1. Products shall pass a cosmetic inspection based on strict standards of the aforementioned companies. If components do not meet the requirements, they will be replaced by new original parts:
  • Regarding the visible front surface (class 1), the length of light scratches shall be shorter than 6 cm; deep scratches are acceptable with the length of less than 2 mm
  •  The size of any blemish area or damage or water blemish shall be smaller than 1.5 cm
  •  Any notches on panels
  •  Any rusty spots

  1. Configuration and power supply system checks are performed there
    3. Material check with comparison of its price
    4. The inspection includes also, e.g.: memory and hard disks shall have factory genuineness/originality stamps. Otherwise they will be refused and shredded or sent for recycling
    5. All cables and accessories are excluded for recycling purposes and replaced by new ones
    6. Technical changes are performed there


Disassembly is performed down to the level of subset parts such as fans, power supply sources, big cages, and I/O panels; the parts are then cleaned. Intensive cleaning of all sub-assembly parts and racks. Removal of labels and regeneration using new product labels. Internal/external polishing of metal surfaces. Painting (re-spraying) of external surfaces, adjustment of surfaces, if required so

Software Installation and Setup

Products include installation and system integration (unification). Restoring factory settings and resetting all settings and passwords. Restoring licensed versions of operation systems and software installation, firmware updates

Localization of ReNew Products 

ReNew programmes with their activities cover the whole Europe and offer clients even such products that have never been directly designed for our market. Due to this reason, some keyboards may be in other than Slovak language combinations. However, our company MB Tech BB s. r. o. prints Slovak characters on each ReNew product and thanks to printing by our special printer, the characters are for a long time resistant from water and abrasion caused by the common use. We also enclose manuals translated into Slovak.